Both geography and cartography have regained significant popularity in the last two decades as students are increasingly drawn to job opportunities in the geospatial world. In this blog site, I share my own tidbits from geography, GIS, cartography, and planning - fields in which I have spent few years poking around.


Classical Models in Geography

Human geography, like other social science disciplines, has it fair share of models. Models are abstractions or simplifications of the inner working of complex phenomena that exist in the real world.  We build models to reflect out understanding of how things work.  The models will provide us with a way to describe phenomena as well …

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Geography and Spatial Analysis since the 1960s

In the 1960s, Geography experienced what came to be known as the quantitative revolution.  Taking its cue from earlier efforts in the 1950s to move away from purely descriptive approaches,  Geographers started emphasizing hypothesis testing, data collection, statistical and mathematical analysis, model building, and the search for laws, or at least regularities, in the spatial …

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